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My other arcade is an iPhone – 09/01/2012

With so many retro style games available on the various app stores, it was only a matter of time before this emerged. Looks kind of fun and an alternative way to repurpose your ipad if it is still acting like the elephant in the room.


The heavyweights enter the social gaming field – 04/01/2012

Today in LA ‘Seismic Games’ announced it had raised some serious cash for its first wave of titles. I know I keep banging on about this but games designed for the mobile, tablet and social networking platforms are creating exponential ripples in the fabric of the traditional video game continuum and Seismic’s announcement today generates more evidence of the truth behind my OCD obsession with this shift in gaming.

The information of interest to you, my readers, is the bio’s behind Seismic’s co-founders.

Greg Borrud

Used to be Head of Production for Pandemic Studios. Pandemic are behind such titles as Star Wars: Battlefront, Mercenaries and Full Spectrum Warrior.

Eric ‘Giz’ Gewirtz

Used to be a Lead Designer at Activision where he worked on Star Trek: Armada. He then went to Pandemic where he was the Project Director for Star Wars Battlefront and SW: Battlefront II.

Chris Miller

Significantly he was VP of Creative for Vivendi Games. Vivendi, whose divisions include Blizzard (World Of Warcraft). Chris worked on around 20 titles from 1997 including the F.E.A.R. games.

Seismic Games has some serious gaming firepower behind it as well as some influential funding. Console-Oscopy is looking forward to seeing what Seismic comes up with later this year.

Guinness Word Record 2012 Gamer’s Editon release date announced – 02/01/2012

Need a last minute Christmas present or caught in that dreaded moment when that special person’s birthday is imminent, you’re still recovering from December and they’re a gamer, then this may be the answer. What makes this year’s edition most interesting is the inclusion of info on apps like Angry Birds and records such as most people exercising to a videogame. The book will be released in the UK on the 19th of Jan.

Xbox reigns supreme over UK Christmas – 01/01/2012

In the horserace that is the UK videogame hardware & software charts, annual figures for 2011 indicate that Xbox is a few furlongs ahead of its rivals. The below table shows UK hardware totals from Jan to Nov last year:

As you can see Xbox were a few hundred-million units ahead of Playstation, the weekly charts from the week before Christmas also support these figures. Considering the politics in the video game industry during 2011 these figures are not that surprising. Nintendo’s gamble with the 3DS failed somewhat and the Anonymous attack on the Playstation Network did Sony no favours. If you also consider that the Kinect launched November 2010 then a year when security and innovation have been excellent for Xbox, then these results are not surprising.

So what does this mean for 2012, will the PS Vita and the Wii U stimulate competition in a market that is, statistically, very Xbox. In a year from now will I be blogging about the console war between the Xbox 720 and the Playstation 4 or will the tablet and smartphone market be a blight on the traditional video gaming way? Whatever happens it is going to be very exciting.

Kindle Fire could be available in the UK in the next couple of weeks – 31/12/2011

There is no official word as to a UK release date for the Kindle Fire, but unconfirmed reports suggest it will be some time in January. In the US, the Kindle Fire is at the top of Amazon’s ‘Best-selling Product 2011’ and ‘Most Wished For Products 2011’ lists – pretty impressive considering what 2011 meant for consumer electronics and that it has only been out since November.

But the Kindle is associated with books and the Fire often seems like an e-reader with a tablet PC bolted onto the back of it – not necessarily a gaming device so why does Console-Oscopy have any interest in this device. Well, already the gaming potential of this device is being exploited with companies such as casual game publisher ‘G5 Entertainment‘ porting games specifically for the Kindle Fire platform.

Stay tuned to Console-Oscopy for an analysis of the Kindle Fire spec and its gaming potential.

Playing with Fire: Norway style – 30/12/2011

‘Hogworld: Gnart’s Adventure’ is a pretty interactive story/adventure game for kids. This Norweigen programme has only been on the UK market a few days but looks amazing. It is currently available on iOS but in America it will be available on the Kindle Fire which holds promise for UK Andriod users. Apart from this game being stunningly beautiful and inexpensive the inclusion on a Kindle Fire version yet again illustrates the shift in game culture towards devices are not traditionally built to play videogames.

Sony enrage Anonymous once again – 30/12/2011

Hacker attacks, a Vita anti-climax and the E1000. If anyone wants to put 2011 behind them surely it is Sony, but wait it gets worse – hacker group ‘Anonymous’ are targeting Sony again. Their stated reason is Sony’s support for SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). While I disagree with Sony supporting the act which, if passed, will effectively give the US government the power to police the internet I am not sure malicious attacks are the way to go. This, however, is an ethical debate for another blog. If you want to read more, click here.

PS Vita sales begin to go the way of the 3DS – 29/12/2011

As anticipation in the West builds as the days move closer to the US and European launch of the PS Vita – Sony’s all singing all dancing next generation handheld – a slump in sales two weeks after its pre-christmas launch in Japan is a concern.


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